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Originally Posted by carlmike View Post
Hi AltecBX,

Awesome stuff. In your research, did you come across some information/statistics about troubles (engine failures, voided warrenties due to detection, etc) for the different tuners that you could share with us? Are some safer than others?
There really hasn't been to much engine failures with these tunes. You start getting into trouble if you really start pushing the envelope by increasing boost over 20+ psi. As for warranties and detection issues, it all depends on your relationship with dealer. If you have on of these tunes installed, remove it before going into a dealership if you're going to do major work to your car, no matter how much you know them(turbo replacement, wastegates, fuel-pump,plugs&coils, etc). If its light work like(oil change, brakes, air filter, software updates, etc) in the most part you'll be fine leaving it in.