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Originally Posted by Feyd View Post

Not trying to single you out, but this kind of mentality has always annoyed me.

If you find that you are the type of person that doesn't have the sense of presence to keep track of your belongings, then that's fine... buy cheap stuff. But, for the love of God don't question the choices of others because you fall into the category of "people who can't find they're keys in the morning."

Don't worry, I don't feel singled out -- your description of my mentality is inaccurate; I'm the antithesis of what you described and I don't usually critique others/question others' choices based on my own shortfalls or flaws.

Although being scatter-brained and unorganized can lead to misplaced items, I believe that small and expensive items are easily stolen and easily misplaced by even the most organized of people.

I still don't believe a $300 pen is a good investment (though I can certainly understand why someone wants one).