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Originally Posted by FrankoQ View Post

Thanks for trying.

Now, can someone talk about going from 18s to 19s?
Not looks but how does the ride feel?
FrankQ I see in you sig that you have the 162 sport package rims. If you go from 18's to 19's you will also have a lower profile tire so the overall diameter of your rims and wheels will not change very much, it will be very close to stock. The reason why I want the 18's is because I have 328i with the 16 inch rims and if I get the 18's with low profile tires it will also be close to stock diameter for me. If I go to 19's it is too big of a difference and I do not want to change that. But I think for you 19's will be fine. Also, I don't think your ride quality will not be much different from stock if you choose non-run flat tires. Good luck
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