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Originally Posted by SchlauCow View Post

I still don't believe a $300 pen is a good investment (though I can certainly understand why someone wants one).
Not for you no. But look at it this way - just because something won't appreciate in value does not make it a poor purchase. It's a simple CBA. If a pen costs $300, and the owner values ownership of it at or above $300, it's a good purchase and they will buy it. If they don't - they simply won't buy it. While arbitrary at best - people do this all the time - place a monetary value on how they expect they will perceive ownership of an item. That can explain why you may see people driving S600s wearing jeans from Costco (usually older people) - they get enough value from S600 ownership to justify the cost of one, but place value on their clothes much lower, to the point where spending >$100 on a pair of nice/decent jeans is ludicrous to them.