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Originally Posted by spazticrecords View Post
What is the corner mod delete. I have an E90 2010 LCI. Does this apply? Also, we should be making a list of options that we can re-code. Has anyon worked on a 2010 for coding yet? Can you enable bluetooh audio via coding? This is really exciting we can do all these features via software.

I am looking to do,

1. DVD in motion
2. Windows/mirror with key fob
3. Automatic night/day mode with nav. (I know it can be enabled but not sure if it works)
4. M3 speed in center console
5. Remove seatbelt gong
6. Sunroof roll up with rain senor.

What are some other features that we can enable. I know this has probaly been asked and answered but is this cable any good?

I sent an excel file (under construction) to xxxjecxxx to review. It's a start and we can put in years as the apply. I am sure some codes do not apply to every vehicle. And, yes that is the cable people are ordering, last I heard an offer of $85 was accepted.
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