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Did you try running the mid/high x-over at 150 Hz instead of 250 Hz? That's where I have mine set and the HK mids seem to have no problem at that frequency with MS-8 "deck" power.

I would appreciate your honest, unbiased opinion as a car audio professional - on a scale of 1 to 10, where do the HK speakers rank when controlled by the MS-8, compared to say the Rainbow SLC and the Morel HO? What particular weaknesses of the HK speakers was the MS-8 not able to correct?

Nice install, BTW!

Edit to add: I have not felt the need to reduce the center channel level at all. I would think this is only necessary if too much of the stereo signal was being pulled towards the middle. My soundstage is extremely wide (from DS mirror to PS mirror) and voices are right in front of me. Playing some of the tracks from the Focal CDs - like "walking saxophone" or the "pencil on paper" track - confirms to me that there is no bias towards the center. The added bonus of having the center channel is of course also the increased volume. I would think the MS-8 would quickly reach its limits in terms of power if I reduced the level of the center as much as you described.

I guess the perception of a good sounding, well-balanced system is mostly subjective but I am a bit curious as to why we are experiencing such different results with the center channel. I am wondering if your x-over points (250 on the doors and 350 on the center) are what's causing the center to have a different "appearance" in the system. If you have the opportunity (or post-install by the customer), please cross all "high" speakers over at 150Hz (24 dB/oct) and let us know if that changed anything.

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