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E93 320i Car problem

Hi everyone.

I have a problem with my 2007 320i E93. (I have searched, but all others seem to have different situations to mine)

Basically, every time the weather is freezing outside my car suffers with this problem.

When i get in the car in the morning, i start it, let it warm up abit. Then set off. When i reach the Traffic lights a couple of roads down, clutch goes in and the car stalls. "Engine fault-reduced power". The car then idles really rough and stalls every time the engine goes down to idle speed. Once you leave the car for a few hours, it's all fine but the engine management light stays on.

I then had the car scanned by a scanner and the fault was recorded as a

Any ideas whats wrong guys? It only happens in the cold and in the UK, it's happened every day this week.

The car has just come out of warrenty, will this kind of thing be covered?

All advice will be appreciated