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Originally Posted by skim7x View Post
uhhh thats kinda ghetto in a way too HAHA...

i have one Q (i don't know much about the exact mechanics / airflow of turbos, so I hope my ignorance doesn't offend you): I'm pretty sure those pipes are there designed for something more than making the turbo's quieter... by disconnecting it, don't you think you're messing with some equilibrium set when BMW designed the system? I don't think these turbos were meant to release their boost into the atmosphere--don't they recycle the air?
This is exactly what you're doing when you buy a VTA BOV that is aftermarket.

Stockwise...your BOV is connected from both sides, so air travels from one end to the other end. VTA, meaning vent to atmosphere, means that the BOV is only connected from one side so air travels from that side and goes out the other...but since the other side isn't connected to the tubing, it gets releases and makes the wooshing sound.