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[quote=AnyMeans;839867]Thanks for the quick response.

My confusion is with the terminology. For example on the DIY page there is a page with photos of the installation of the Lips--which are installed over the current OEM bumper (as you suggested). However, on the first page of THIS thread the bumper appears to be a completely different bumper. The holes (i.e., the area where the mesh is) are larger than what is on my 335i Coupe.

Let me attempt to attach photos (attempt being the key word):

Please look at the pictures below. Is this the front Aero Kit that is referenced on page 8 of the Accessories catalog--which appear to be a completely new front bumper? Or is the front aero kit the two "lip" pictures above?

The center opening (i.e., the meshed area) in the pictures below appear to be larger and is definitely shaped different than what's on my car.


AnyMeans the Black front and kit in the pic are from an E90!