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Originally Posted by TiAg330 View Post
Last September, I brought my car into the dealership because my doors wouldn't unlock using either the remote or the button inside the car. They fixed the issue under factory warranty referencing PUMA Bulletin 9543813-07 (what is this?). From what I see on my receipt, they replaced fuse 57 with a 20A fuse. No mention of replacing any actuators.

The problem has returned and I'm again unable to unlock my doors.

Research on this forum shows that there is an SIB on the issue (SI B51 19 07). According to the SIB, there are two possible causes for this:

1) An excessive amperage draw by one of the door lock actuators, which is commonly attributed to silicone contamination; or
2) An intermittent, but acceptable, amperage spike slightly above 15A, due to normal variation in the locking system.

Now, given that they have already replaced the 15A fuse with a 20A fuse, we can rule cause 2 out, right? Can I conclude that there is a problem with one of the door lock actuators which were not replaced in my initial visit?

I see this is a safety issue and I don't want to bring in the car only to have them simply replace a fuse and not address the root cause of the problem.

Secondary issue: My factory warranty has now expired. I have CPO warranty remaining but I assume this will cost me 50$. Can I make the argument that since they didn't address this correctly the first time (while I still had factory warranty) I shouldn't have to pay the 50$?
I had this exact issue and took it in about a week ago. It was under factory warranty and they replaced the actuators for me.

I would try talking to the service manager and showing him the receipt of them not changing out the actuators but instead replacing a fuse (while it was under warranty). If he doesn't do anything, go above his head.