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To my latin American brothers, I agree in our countries we have extremely wealthy people that account for 1%-5% of the population. The vehicle of choice is the Landscruiser, Prado, Nissan Patrol and other off road vehicles because of road conditions. Those same individuals love, Ferrari, Bimmers and Mercedes. Most people that we knew back home had awesome cars paid in cash and for 30%-50% sales tax compare to America but not everyone has that kind of wealth. So in reality we have a lot of poverty.

To my American brothers, Like myself there are many Central & South Americans that appreciate everything Americas has done for us. Also remember that every country including ours have very proud and patriotic people. US did alot for Nicaragua and I for one gave 6 good years of service in my new country's military. I also went to school in America (Legally) and have done very well for myself and my family.

What I love about this forum is that we all appreciate bimmers. It a great brand and it awesome to see BMW in my homeland of Nicaragua. If I lived there now I would probably have a daily driver like a Prado and a going out "nice area" car like an M.

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