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Hi, hope all is well.

I had the mObridge installed with great success but I had to disconnect the MULF2 as they conflicted with each other. I actually went to a shop that has an Autologic and programmed the car to enable bluetooth (you enable USB-SBX-HIGH). By doing that, the mObridge is also enabled and you have a choice to use the mObridge or the MULF2. The car immediately recognized the bluetooth functionality. I chose to take out the mObridge and use the MULF2 instead so I can keep both the bluetooth and USB/iPod capabilities. All I had to do then was to wire up the mic to the proper pins of the MULF2 and run the mic wire up to the FZD and tap in the existing mic wires. I had voice control and the mic was part of it. Then I run a long bluetooth antenna cable along the side of the car, mount a BMW bluetooth antenna where it goes by the drivers side over your knees, and plugged in the antenna at the beige connector of the MULF2. The antenna cable end plastic connector did not fit the MULF2 beige round slotted connector but if you take the cable end plug apart, the coax end fits nicely and firmly. The only issue is that I've lost voice control (the system prompts me for the commands but it won't listen, something to do with the mic) but Autologic supposedly can fix that, other than that, it works great.

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