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ok i am saying if you want a bov just go buy one not make some cheap crap with electrical tape!!!! and boosted i did correct myself asshole in the other thread!!!! what 2 min after the fact!!! i din't have a problem so!!! and in this post i stated it isn't for me!!! the point is why be half assed on a car people had to make at least 70k to own!!! what is 700 on a bov!!! may as well have it done right not half assed!!! read the point of a post!!! obviously i don't like them for the rice reason!!! but if you must do it the right way!!! i said if you must have the noise just buy a BOV not do it half assed that was the point for thew fifth time!!! but yeah in the other post i knocked them for detonation and my misinformed knowledge but corrected myself without a problem!!!

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