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Originally Posted by purplewidow View Post
ok i am saying if you want a bov just go buy one not make some cheap crap with electrical tape!!!! and boosted i did correct myself asshole in the other thread!!!! what 2 min after the fact!!! i din't have a problem so!!! and in this post i stated it isn't for me!!! the point is why be half assed on a car people had to make at least 70k to own!!! what is 700 on a bov!!! may as well have it done right not half assed!!! read the point of a post!!! obviously i don't like them for the rice reason!!! but if you must do it the right way!!! i said if you must have the noise just buy a BOV not do it half assed that was the point for thew fifth time!!! but yeah in the other post i knocked them for detonation and my misinformed knowledge but corrected myself without a problem!!!
Half assed? This isn't rocket science, but I actually went out and looked for plugs to fit as perfect as possible to the original hose clamp, I only made sure they stayed sealed with the electrical tape. Point being is that if you want to have an adaptor to fit that plug, you need to contact the plug manufacturer Twist II and have them custom make you a plug for it with dimensions you have to specify. I work full time, and go to college full time, I dont have the time to custom make some plugs to fit it.

BUT, I make perfectly sure that the plugs I used would fit and do the job.

You can do exactly what you pay $750 for at AA, for almost free with the equipment already on your car. So go ahead an buy the AA one if you must. Don't try and tell me what I am doing is crap because you neither have the brains nor the balls to do it yourself.

You make the owners of Active Autowerke rich. They are laughing all the way to the bank with your money.
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