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Originally Posted by ///Matt View Post
Actually, you DO have to worry about the things that I posted.

Like I said, the diverter valve is calibrated to open at a specific pressure difference.

The pressure in the intake tubing is less than Atmospheric, so the valve is opening at a different time.

You can do anything you like, I'm just giving my opinion, based on technical knowledge of the N54 engine, and turbo engines in general.

Think of it this way:

BMW spent untold MILLIONS of dollars engineering this car.

You want to change what's up just to hear the blow off?

seems to me that's a tad foolish. Don't get me wrong, I love to hear BOV's. But I think if you're going to do it, at least BUY a product that has a little engineering behind it, like a real BOV. You don't need to buy the most expensive one, but something that's had some testing on this car is a plus.

This is kind of like the guys who used to mod their late 80's turbo supras.

There was a specific mod that went around, a lot like this one, that had negative effects. Owners used to bash in the top of their stock diverter valve, because then it would blow off to atmo and sound like a SWEET SSQ. Sounded AWESOME. And it was free.

Too bad they were leaking boost, and losing performance.

Just do it right. This is a high class, heavily engineered, extremely powerful peice of German brain power.

This is NOT an entry level econobox that you have to mod cheaply because you're too broke. If you're going to mod your BMW, do it RIGHT.

Not with plugs and e-tape, and bypassing engineering that cost more than I'll probably make in my lifetime.
This mod only changes where the excess pressurized air is released. Instead of going back in the intake, it is released into the atmosphere. Nothing more!

The valves only go one way, so there is no danger of taking in unfiltered air. The pressure in the intake tubing after the turbocharger is higher than atmospheric as soon as you step on the gas. The only place with constant less pressure than the outside atmosphere are the pre compression ducts. That is why the exposed plugs must be sealed, because the turbos create vacuum there to build boost towards the intake manifold.

I've paid for my fair share of mods. But honestly this is so simple it just doesn't make sense (for me) to pay so much money to do it.
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