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Originally Posted by Red Star Rising View Post
This mod only changes where the excess pressurized air is released. Instead of going back in the intake, it is released into the atmosphere. Nothing more!
i was going to say, i believe the sensor, or more accuratly the vacum line is still in place? its seperate from the diverter hose correct? so its still releasing air at the same time, the only diffrence is its not going back into the intake

and honestly, about the BOVs people are selling being "tested" dont give me that shit, they figured out if they worked and thats it, they didnt pay any attention to if its realasing pressure at the same time as stock or if it made a diffrence, they just used what they already had, made it so it fit on the 335 and sold it

i meen i wouldnt do this (well i might do it out of curiousity but i would probably change it back), nor would i get i BOV, but it seems the only diffrence is this being ghetto; and some tard dropping tape into their turbo

you know when you cut off a little piece of straw and then cut it at an angle at the end and blow into it it makes that wizzing sound? you should stick one of those on there lol