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Here is my latest quote.
  • 2008 328i Sedan, AT, Sport, Prem
  • Gold package 5/100
  • BMW of Austin
  • $1870 ($300 less than my original quote)

I was on location and got a quote for $2670. The guy told me there is a $500 discount from a BMW incentive that expires today. I told him the place I bought my car from gave me the same quote ($2170) months ago and wanted to know how he could make the deal sweeter. He says he's already losing money but will give me an extra $50 discount.

I was ready to purchase it but my credit card was declined... I left without buying it. When I got home, I found out that I received a replacement credit card because some Bank Of America accounts where compromised. The person called me 2 hours later and offered $1870 if I would make the purchase today. I did. I saved $300 by being lucky! I'm going to the strip bars tonight!

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