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Originally Posted by huyner328 View Post
Well, let's see some pictures of this newly make-over beast!
Will do, soon!

Originally Posted by bimmertt View Post
Now $2500 would've been way too cheap for parts/install/labor. That should've been your first clue that something wasn't adding up right.

Paint shouldn't have cost more than $1200. Labor is relatively easy, but body shops will charge an arm and leg for it. Definitely got ripped on this one, but not much you can do now but enjoy it.

They should also have a receipt breaking down paint/labor for you. That will tell where they really took advantage of you.
Originally Posted by pseto View Post
definitely get an itemized receipt and post it up so we can flame them!!!
The body shop has been cordial and responsive, and they are working with me. I'm hoping for the best and I'm not trying to flame them, since they have responded more than appropriately so far.

I'll keep you guys posted when I get some more information.