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Thumbs up BMW Retrofit Team: CIC Navigation System Retrofits, Combox Retrofit and Remote Coding

Good day everyone and Thank you for reading!

We are pleased to announce that from now on we will be providing our customers and all BMW community with the complete
CIC Navigation System Retrofit Solution for E6x, E7x and E9x series BMW vehicles.

To all of our customers, no matter where they are located, we offer Remote Coding Service as well.

You should never buy CIC Navigation Systems from non-professional s (Ebay, Amazon, amateurs, etc.). Scroll below to read why! This important information will save you time and money, and most importantly, will you give you piece of mind!

1. Software:
When you buy from unknown and untrusted sources, you can never know what’s inside of the system. The software is often outdated and unsupported. A system with outdated software will give you limited functionalities, and it may cause compatibility issues with your vehicle. It will cost you additional money, to do the software upgrade, and most dealers will never do this type of work for you!
When you buy from Bimmer Retrofit, you always get the latest software and we guarantee that the system will be compatible with your vehicle

2. Hardware:
When you buy from unknown and untrusted sources, you never know whether the equipment has been tested. You may be getting equipment that is not functioning properly or is not functioning at all! The seller does not provide warranty, and you may be stuck with equipment that is not good for anyone, except your nearest electronics recycling shop!
Moreover, the equipment may be damaged (with water for example) and if you install the equipment that has been flooded, into your vehicle, your vehicle may become damaged as well. We have been made aware of situations, when the vehicle’s electrical system was short circuited after one of such installations. As a result, vehicle owner lost his BMW warranty.
At Bimmer Retrofit, we carefully test every single unit before shipping to the customer and we always provide warranty on our products.

3. Remote coding
Never trust amateurs with coding your vehicle! In almost every case, when a vehicle is coded by non-professionals, BMW Dealer will refuse to retain the guarantee of your vehicle, because non-professionals have tempered with the vehicle’s electrical and/or software system. If this happens to you, you will be stuck with a $50,000+ vehicle with NO MANUFACTURER’s WARRANTY. And knowing how expensive repairs and maintenance can be, this is not the situation, in which you would want to find yourself.
In other instances, when a vehicle is coded by amateurs, your vehicle may become stationary, meaning it will be impossible to start the vehicle and drive it away, because the coding has been performed incorrectly. In these situations, the vehicle will need to be towed to dealership, which will be able to identify and eliminate the errors, and …. possibly remove your warranty. Not all dealers will perform this type of job to fix your vehicle after amateur’s coding! Those who will, will charge you a high price for the coding. Alternatively, Bimmer Retrofit can perform remote diagnostic and coding, but this will cost you much more than what you would have paid had you come to us at the beginning. We will need to do additional work to diagnose the error and we will have to charge extra for the emergency service.

4. Shipping and cosmetic condition of the products
More often than not, non-professionals do not properly prepare the products for shipping, and they arrive damaged. In addition, you do not have visibility of the products that you buy - the products can be scratched, rusted, cracked. If you are lucky, the seller will provide a replacement, but because usually the seller provides no guarantee, you will have wasted the money on the product that you cannot use or that is not aesthetically pleasing.
At Bimmer Retrofit, we have an established and trusted supply chain, that selects and supplies only the best after-market systems for our customers and we always take special care when preparing products for shipping to ensure that they arrive safely and are not damaged during shipping.

It is up to decide who you will buy your CIC Navigation System from, but we hope that this information will help you understand the total cost of ownership of your Navigation System and vehicle and will help you make an informed decision, so that you can be in control of your financial situation!

We are happy to anounce that BimmerRetrofit is now offering CIC systems in all the following languages including Chinese, Japanese and Korean

Complete list of languages which we now offer in any of our CIC systems is:

- English
- French
- German
- Spanish
- Italian
- Dutch
- Arabic
- Chinese Traditional
- Chinese Simplified
- Korean
- Japanese
- Portuguese
- Russian
- Polish
- Swedish
- Romanian
- Hungarian
- Turkish
- Greek

CIC Navigation System entered the BMW market not so long ago. It was introduced as a replacement to the old and inefficient CCC Navigation and Entertainment System, and opens a new chapter in OEM Vehicle Navigation and Entertainment Systems.

It is based on a powerful Video and Graphical processor; it has internal HDD for multimedia and maps storage. Fast response speed, high resolution of the display, appealing and ergonomic design, improved internal structure of the components and many other features make CIC Navigation System the leader in its class of OEM vehicle navigation systems. As such, CIC Navigation System has a strong potential to continue to be used as the platform for the development of newer functionalities and this means that BMW will continue using the CIC platform in the future series and generations of its models.
Bimmer Retrofit

Bimmer Retrofit Team is a Canadian-based company, located in the province of Quebec, but we are not limited to the Canadian market. We are one of the few companies in the world who offer CIC retrofits and other various services across borders, to customers worldwide, using Remote Coding. We also sell CIC Retrofit kits at our online store located at:

Our standard kits for any Ex series vehicles includes:

-CID 8.8” HD Display
- CIC Main Processor Unit
- CIC iDrive Controller
- Display to Main Unit cable
- USB Cable for CIC Main Unit
- USB Connector

Each kit comes pre-coded for customer vehicle’s specs.
We provide our customers with Installation Manual which explains in detail how to perform retrofit of the CIC system in the vehicle. We also provide our customers with online (email, MSN, Skype) and phone support regarding the CIC installation.

Various models of BMW (E6x, E7x, E9x) may require some additional parts to be purchased for the CIC retrofit to be properly installed. Having the experience of working with a wide variety of BMW models, as part of our services, we provide our customers with a full list of all the parts which may be required for each specific CIC installation case.

Installation Packages

While understanding that CIC retrofit is something that costs quite a bit of money, we strive to make it affordable to everyone. We are proud to announce a “step-by-step” approach to CIC retrofit installation to those, who might not be willing to pay for the entire installation in one shot. This approach gives you the option to initially purchase the CIC system without expensive Navigation System and Voice System activation. You may do the activation later, when you are ready to make the additional investment.

Activation and CIC Coding

We also offer Bimmer Retrofit Hardware Activation for the Navigation and Voice functionality in your CIC system. This activation is done only in CIC unit and does not require any tempering with the wiring of your vehicle.

We will be happy to activate your CIC unit or to provide you this activation for the CIC unit purchased from our store.

In addition we offer remote coding for various options available in your vehicle but not activated for you by the manufacturer.

We will be happy to code your CIC system, purchased from any third party to work with your vehicle. However in this case we will not be responsible for any possible glitches in its functionality due to the fact that we did not perform the initial testing of this system.

Quality Control

Before shipping, each CIC system goes through a rigorous set of tests at our facilities to make sure that each and every one of customers receives a properly functioning system. The systems go through functionality, vibration and 48 hours burn-in tests. Despite the fact that we only use OEM parts for the CIC retrofits, it is important to be sure that the components are fully functional and meet all safety criteria.

All information regarding the services we offer can be found at our online store via the following link:

We accept PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, Wire Bank Transfer, Bank Checks and Money Orders.

Why to buy from Bimmer Retrofit:

- We are a Canadian-based company, which employs highly experienced and dedicated individuals with professional experience and expertise in Electronics and Programming.
- Our team consists of a few specialists. Each specialist is a professional in a specific aspect of Electronics, programming, coding and vehicle retrofitting.

- We only use OEM parts for our retrofits
- We stock all our products at our warehouse in Canada
- Each product is individually and fully tested before shipping
- We provide full support to our customers (phone, email, MSN, Skype)
- Our prices are affordable
- We are flexible in terms of equipment sales and offer “step-by-step” approach to CIC installation

Retrofit Pricing:

Standard set of CIC Retrofit equipment for the E6x and E9x series will cost our customers $1850 USD

Standard set of CIC Retrofit equipment for the E7x series will cost our customers $2150 USD

More detailed information regarding our products and services may be found at our online store:

We provide all types of support to our customers via our Support forums located at:

If you want to get any of your questions answered the best way is to contact us at:

We always do our best to reply to you within 24 hours.

We are also on Youtube:

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