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Originally Posted by Revlis View Post
Well Looks like I have to go downstairs and add the last .5 quarts to the car. I thought it was 6.5, but no big deal.

Anyone else swipe the turkey baster outta their kitchen to get those last few drops of cruddy oil out of the filter housing?

So I changed the today at 250 miles roughly. Call me old school, but I'll tell you the oil coming out seemed pretty damn dirty for only 250 miles. All told only took about 45 minutes I guess, taking my time. I spent a little extra time staring at the front suspension arms, very nice...

Thanks for the good tips here, and the write up to go with the pictures made it much easier.

i used a rag, (then i sprayed it with water to make sure all the oil was gone, i reccomend this to insure its totally clean) im still trying to figure out how the filter worked, i forgot to take a close look at it, i rem there was a hole going up the center with an o ring that went into a hole in the middle of the housing, i assume oil got pumped up from there, but was there another whole after that on the other side of the filter? i didnt get a close enough look and i dont remember one