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Originally Posted by captainaudio View Post
Z8s are going for less than they sold for new and rarely command over $100,000.

2002Tii are going for $10,000 to $20,000 ($25,000 in top condition) which is less than the least expensive 2011 3 Series.

First Generation M3 are not going for anything close to what a new M3 sells for,

The M3 lightweight is hard to determine the value of since less than 100 of then made it to the US, I have not seen one go for more thant he price of a new M3 and if it was going to be compared to any new model it would probably be the M3 GTS and they are not worth anuthing close to the value of the M3 GTS.

The 2800/3.0 CS coupes are not worth as much as a new 6 Series coupe.

M1s have sold for as much as $250,000. I am not sure if there is an equielent 2011 model but in any case they are worth more than any current BMW model and more than they sold for new so the M1 is an exception to my statement.

So while a number of BMW models are collectible they are in many cases affordably and reasonably priced (and many even underpriced) and represent very good value to collectors.

ah, my point was that these cars have appreciated in value. Also, z8's are going for at or over 100k now, the values were lowest at about 70-75k a few years back and are steadily climbing. All of these cars should continue to rise. Rarely does a car get on the appreciation track and then drop back again.