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Originally Posted by Straight6r View Post
I disagree with the Mustang, Challenger, and Camaro thing. These new versions will never become collectable. Thye make too many of them. Drive by any dealer and see the Challengers lined up in endless rows. All these remakes did was drive up values for originals. I know I would take an original 70 Challenger Hemi over that butchered Sedan based shit anyday.

As for BMW , I think one model that has obtained collector status is the bubble car. I seen two of them sell at BJ this past Jan. in the mid $40's. Looks like that car was a pretty smart investment to me. I wish I could go back and by a ton of them for the $600.00 bucks they cost when new.
I don't have any statistics at hand but I doubt that Chevy is making as many Camaros now as they did in the 60s. I suspect that the same thing holds true for the Challanger.

As far as investments go a 1964 Ferrari 350GTO at $30,000,000 is worth about 1600 times its original price of $16,000. The BMW Isetta bubble car at $40,000 is worth 66 times its orginal price. So the BMW Isetta went up in value by $39,400 and the Ferrari went up in value by $29,984,000. You would have to have bought 762 Isettas for $600 and sold them for $40,000 to equal the appreciation of a single Ferrari GTO.

I suspect that the cost of storing 1 GTO fr 40 years would be a lot less than the cost of storing 762 BMW Isettas


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