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Originally Posted by LaLakers91tc View Post
if you are going to include the diablo there are certainly a ton of ferarri's that are appreciating in value, f40, enzo, and prob the new 599 gto as well,
not to mention mclaren f1's and tons of rare cars

z8's are commanding quite a bit (in very good condition), and the fact that they have not depreciated alone is remarkable for a car that is approaching 10 years on the market

and e30 M3's in pristine condition are worth well into the $30k's, and the value is still going up
While it may not command the ~$65k that an e9x m3 commands, it is still doing very well, and valued, at least among BMW enthusiasts, are revered as rare and collectible

This also brings up the point of what is collectible
Old muscle cars maybe collectible to people who are into muscle cars, but to me, there is very little appeal to a '69 boss GTO versus a pristine e30 m3

just my 2 cents
The Z8 (which happens to be one of my favorite cars) has depreciated, It is worth less than it was new. It has started to appreciate fairly rapidly and will probably exceed its orginal value fairly soon and I suspect it will continue to climb.

The prices in the collector car market are based on supply and demand. I, for instance, have no particular interest in a1970 Hemi-Cuda but there are rnough people with money who desire them to push the prices up to 7 figures.

The Z8 is much more appealing to me than a Hemi-Cuda but in terms of value there is no contest.

BTW there is no such thing as a Boss GTO but there was a GTO Judge,


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