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Kind of going on a tangent here, but Coolieman you don't need ipod integration to be able to store music on your hard drive. I believe it comes with the idrive/nav option. All of my music right now is on my car's drive, and I know I don't have ipod integration. You should be able to burn the music from your DVD's onto your drive, or what I do is use a USB drive because it seems to transfer the music much more quickly.
oh no i know that but in order to play off a flash drive or an external hard drive i believe you need that USB port for the iPod. I'm so pissed BMW does it that way. they didn't have to. the usb in my glovebox is useless unless i want to transfer music to my HD

Originally Posted by dlbrooks18 View Post
what kind of turbo's are on the diesel cars? ...
I'd like to know this as well. and the sizes of them.

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Stock manifold boost pressure on the diesel is around 27 PSI.
holy crap thats a lot of boost!! god damn. thats over 2 bar. so how much boost does the JB3 maps increase to?

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Has anyone put a boost gauge on their 335d?
also interested. that would be cool to see. i wouldn't mind one. it would be cool to view all this thru iDrive or something.

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Diesels run extremely, extremely lean at idle. I once watched a diesel pickup truck run on the vapors from spilled gasoline on the ground near its intake.
thats crazy i'd like to see this. i think i'll youtube it...

The diesel seems more efficient at idle then moving under 20 mph like in traffic

Good night guys!