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Originally Posted by Insider View Post
Stock manifold boost pressure on the diesel is around 27 PSI.
I know sometimes the pressure in bars sometimes includes atmospheric on top of the regular boost pressure. So I though you would subtract 1 bar from the absolute pressure.

Originally Posted by dlbrooks18 View Post
what kind of turbo's are on the diesel cars? ... and hotrod when is Terry gonna tune for you?
I already have the JBD, just waiting for some break in miles.

Originally Posted by Mr. 5 View Post
What happened to your old 335 hotrod?
You put nitrous on it, ran an 11.3 and then nothing.
Did something happen to it?
Still have the 08 Sedan 335i which I am transferring mods to.
As far as the coupe, that car ran perfectly post-nitrous. It was a great running car. Just got rid of it in anticipation of getting an 2010 N54. But when they were all sold out, I waited and watched the N55 tuning scene, but became intrigued with the diesel. Hence, where I am now. My 335i is faster, but the diesel is easier to drive faster around town and in most situations. It just pulls constantly without even having to rev the engine or downshift. Its kind of like the pull of a powerful ski boat. Engine note just stays the same pretty much as you feel the acceleration. Very pleasant to drive.
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