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Originally Posted by Edman951 View Post

Don't take this the wrong way.
But you really don't know much about how a motor works do you???

A motor canot run without vacuum.
At idle any car, and the 335 runs at about 18 inch of vacuum.
Thats more then enogh to open the valve.
The car will always run under vacuum until you creat enough load to build boost.

See this video i did back in December.
Notice the vacuum my car has will driving.
Then I push in the clutch and rev it out to hear the HKS BOV.
0 boost is at the 11:30 positin on the gauge. And 20 inch of vacuum at 9:00.

Just go pop the hood on you 335, undo the return tube from the diverter valve and see for yourself instead of saying thing you don't know.
The diverter valve opens with vacuum dependent on the pre compression intake duct. Why would the valve OPEN with a post compression vacuum situation? You would not be able to build up pressure again with the valve open. The point of a valve is for it to open only one way.
I have checked it and at idle, its blowing out just a tiny bit. I'll film it for you tomorrow if you like.
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