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Originally Posted by dlbrooks18 View Post
what kind of turbo's are on the diesel cars? ... and hotrod when is Terry gonna tune for you?
I believe Borg Warner supplies the turbos for the 335d. I couldn't confirm this from the bmw website but I believe it's on the Borg Warner site. BMW provides the following info on their site:

The heart of the Variable Twin Turbo system comprises two turbochargers of different sizes. In contrast to the bi-turbo system, the two turbochargers do not operate parallel, but are activated at different points. Precisely coordinated, they run individually or together, increasing the pressure of the intake air to the optimum level. The greater pressure of the intake air enables a more effective combustion of the diesel fuel in the cylinder.
At lower engine speeds, the intake air passes through the inactive larger turbocharger into the active smaller turbocharger, which increases the air pressure. At medium engine speeds, the larger turbocharger becomes active, forcing air under pressure into the smaller unit, which increases the pressure still further. At higher engines speeds, the larger turbocharger alone forces air into the cylinders.
Despite these impressive dynamics, the fuel consumption of the Variable Twin Turbo diesel engine is exemplary low, according to EU standards. The standard diesel particle filter ensures that strict EU4 emissions standards are met.