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Originally Posted by Edman951 View Post
I'm always refereng to manifold vacuum and pressure.

Vacuum is always present, unless overcome by the boost.

I have another video from idle and reving in the garage.
I will load it on youtube and post it when its available.

You will see how much vacuum is present unless boost is built.

Good night
your missing the point, it does not matter if their is a vacuum in the manifold; during idle the TB is OPEN both sides of the spring occupy the same pressure zone, there would be no forces on the spring

edit: and dont tell me that theres a pressure diffrence because the throttle body is a restrictive point either because then the spring would load under boost; and leak boost (to clarify, understand there would be a diffrence, but for the spring to open under that diffrence it would also have to open under boost)

also another quick pre-empt, dont try and say the throttle body is partially closed during idle because thats not true either

did YOU ever do your little paper test?

if you can give me some other reason to believe that the spring would be loaded i will go pull off the hose myself and check

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