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Excellent write-up!

Originally Posted by vasillalov View Post

This is awesome indeed! Impressive review as usual! A few notes:

* I am surprised that STETT did a completely new bracket for the oil filter housing. They could have simply use the two bolts on top of the oil filter housing.

* Having a larger oil cooler also increases the total capacity of the oil system. More oil capacity means that it will take longer for the oil to get contaminated and beaten up from the normal driving.

* The larger oil cooler core is great for shedding temperatures quickly, but in my opinion, it is the thermostat that has the biggest effect on the oil temperature. I strongly believe that with a 180F degree thermostat, the stock oil cooler will perform close to what you are seeing. It won't be able to shed the temps as quickly as the STETT one, but the overall temps will be the same or close to it.

* I wonder how the lower oil temps will affect the engine efficiency. If I am not mistaken, our engines are designed to achieve maximum efficiency at over 200F.

Do you know if the stock thermostat can be replaced without having to purchase an aftermarket oil cooler?
If you did that, it would still retain the stock OC thermostat (which is built into the OEM front plate oil filter housing) and adding the other inline thermostat would be kind of silly. This would mean you have the factory one that opens at ~240F-250F and then oil would go downstream to the Stett 180 thermostat and already be hot. They way they did it is the correct way.

Too bad no one has simply come up with a new OC thermostat to directly replace the factory one.

BTW, does this new thermostat allow it to flow slightly at all times, or is it either open or shut?