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I wouldn't say I'm a total idiot but, as this is my fist 50k car, please instruct me like I would my 7 year old daughter. I read all of your instructions and found them to be very thourough, I love details. Basically what I would like is what I would like is a checklist to take to a store, even though I am in Europe and would have to order online, that would tell me the type of clay, rags, polishes, wax, sealant etc.
One more question that is not obvious to me, do I need an orbital polisher (PC) as everyone else refers to it? I would prefer not to buy one here as I move back to the US in just over a year and, to tell you the truth, I had a professional with an orbital really damage my Black Jeep. I also will be living away from my family while over here for the first time in almost ten years so I'll have a lot of nights and weekends free that I would enjoy being able to wax by hand.
After the detailing is done, she will be parked in an underground garage at my apartment building. Do you recommend a particular car cover to protect the vehicle?

Thanks for the help. I hope I'll be able to proudly post some good pictures of the before and after of detailing the car, by mid May