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Originally Posted by Bakeme521 View Post
I def. agree with that. I realize now that the thermostat is inside the outside cap but it would be pretty cool if someone made an aftermarket one too see what the differences would be with just the stock oil cooler. Do you think stett would sell the thermostat housing separately? If so theres a place around the corner that makes custom steel braided lines that can be any lengths with any time of fitting on either side. With custom lines make it could be possible to hook the stocker up to the stett housing.


If stett or other vendors out there are looking for something to do, MAKE AN AFTERMARKET THERMOSTAT HOUSING THAT HOOKS UP TO THE STOCK OIL COOLER!!
I am not sure if STETT will or will not sell the thermostat seperately. Maybe someone can email them and ask?

The problem is you would still need the adapter plate, the oil lines to the thermostat, then find a way to get your oil lines to mate with the stock adapters. I think the cost would be about as high as this kit will cost. If you buy the kit, you trade in your stock oil cooler for a Setrab.