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Originally Posted by sapperelite View Post
I wouldn't say I'm a total idiot but, as this is my fist 50k car, please instruct me like I would my 7 year old daughter. I read all of your instructions and found them to be very thourough, I love details. Basically what I would like is what I would like is a checklist to take to a store, even though I am in Europe and would have to order online, that would tell me the type of clay, rags, polishes, wax, sealant etc.
One more question that is not obvious to me, do I need an orbital polisher (PC) as everyone else refers to it? I would prefer not to buy one here as I move back to the US in just over a year and, to tell you the truth, I had a professional with an orbital really damage my Black Jeep. I also will be living away from my family while over here for the first time in almost ten years so I'll have a lot of nights and weekends free that I would enjoy being able to wax by hand.
After the detailing is done, she will be parked in an underground garage at my apartment building. Do you recommend a particular car cover to protect the vehicle?

Thanks for the help. I hope I'll be able to proudly post some good pictures of the before and after of detailing the car, by mid May
Clay Any automotive clay of your choice. Meguiar's, Mothers, Pinnacle, Wolfgang, they all pretty much do the same thing.
Rags Microfiber, microfiber, microfiber. has all the ones you'll need. Also, get a sheepskin mitt, at least two. Brand doesn't usually matter. You also need a towel to dry your car. Waffle weave works well, as does a towel called the Absorber.
Polish Picus recommended some good ones. I use Poor Boy's World Polish and EX Sealant. Zaino is what the rest of the forum seems to prefer.
Wax Try going with paste waxes, for the most part they're better than most liquid waxes. Poor Boy's Natty's Paste Wax, Pinnacle Souveran, and the ones Picus recommended. Zaino works here too.
Window Cleaner Stoner's Invisible Glass
Wheel Sealants Poor Boy's World Wheel Sealant or Wheel Wax, I prefer the former...the latter takes forever to buff out.

You don't need an orbital buffer. PC refers to the brand (Porter Cable). Doing it by hand works just as well, unless you have some major scratches to take care of that would require you to even out the clearcoat with the PC. If you're parking in a garage, a car cover probably isn't necessary, just park away from other people so they don't hit you with their doors Good luck with the car!