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Can someone check me on this list before I order it? I will buy the following from tonight: ZPC, Z2-Pro, Z6, Z8, Z7, Z9, Z10 and Zaino Clay Bar. Poorboys sells a Microfiber kit for 39.95 with the following in it (16" Velvet Smooth Glass Towel, 16" Work Towel, 16" Super Thick and Plush, 16" Mega-Plush, 21 x 36 Velvet Smooth, 24 x 36 Waffle weave, Mega-Plush Mitt). I found a 16 oz bottle of 303 (I suspect this will not have the Armor All effect, ie look like crap if I don't constantly apply it in the future), Stoners invisible glass and Mothers FX Tire Shine. I have one fresh wash bucket and can buy a cheap one on the economy here in Spain. I also will not be buying an Orbital Buffer, will Zaino still work by hand? As the vehicle is brand new, I don't think there should be too much needing buffing as Sinnet112 said. I have told BMW to send word with my vehicle that the dealer is to do no more than remove it from the truck, and nothing else. My biggest concern is that I do not have a place to wash my car when I pick it up. I think I can take it to a do it yourself car wash and just be real careful. Based on Picus and Sinnet112's posting's, will this be all I need? Almost forgot, Trim cleaner/treatment? I haven't seen a name for a good one. I think someone said to use a solution of 303/water but need to make sure. Thanks,