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Originally Posted by bmwretrofit View Post
This is very good question! Yes, we do plan to have data changed in the unit, however the VIN number change may be a tricky part. We expect to have first Combox Telematic (USA version) unit delivered at our lab on Tuesday - Wednesday next week for all our tests. More information is to follow.

In addition we plan to offer a service for all CIC owners - Software upgrade for your CIC unit in order to have Combox + Internet available

In short, as you all know, in order to have Combox retrofit with proper Internet functionality (via your cell phone data plan) you will have to upgrade software level in your CIC to the latest one. This can be done ONLY by using special optical equipment. We will be happy to offer this service to all CIC owners across the globe. Especially this service may be very interested to all North American owners since shipping of your unit to Canada and back is safe and quick
Let me know what you find out, please... replacing the TCU with the Combox Telematics while keeping all the Assist features is much more an issue for me than having Album Art displayed.

Have you tested the Combox Media with a GSM TCU? It should be an easier and more economical upgrade/retrofit than trying to replace the TCU/MULF with the Combox Telematics.