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Originally Posted by B3AST View Post
Very nice, I'm still a bit confused about the performance suspension though. I've seen it listed on BMW for over $1000 and then tischer has the kit without the springs for much much less. Do the springs really cost that much or are these two entirely different kits?!!? Thanks for any help.
I don't know if anybody knows the answer, but I've been very happy with the kit. While there may be some tweaks to the newer kit with the yellow springs, it certainly wasn't worth the difference in price. I bought my car used so don't know what the suspension felt like when new, but do believe the suspension could be improved upon after 55,000 miles. The original owner, as I could track on this site, had run an aftermarket suspension for at least some of those miles, but I think the suspension was shot. So, I wasn't looking to upgrade at any cost, I just wanted to replace my current suspension as efficiently as possible. Even if the new kit with yellow springs is far better, that didn't matter to me as much. Unfortunately, I can't tell how much of my improvement is from the new suspension and how much of it is from upgrading to the BBS RG-Rs, which I think saved about 10 pounds per wheel. If you're looking for the best suspension, I think you'd end up with coilovers anyway; if you're looking for a suspension replacement or slight upgrade, you can't beat the cost of the Tischer clearance kit. It may be that my stock suspension was crap or due to the wheels, but it's amazing how nice the car rides and handles now, even on runflats. Also, I think any dealer can order the clearance kit, but it depends on how much they gouge you. If you can find someone trustworthy and competent like Long at LTBMW to install the suspension at a reasonable rate, all the better. I hope this helps.