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Originally Posted by Hi Hello View Post
I am selling a brand new E92 M3 carbon fiber hood (VIS). This will not fit the E92 335i. I special ordered this hood, flew it in and had it painted for the SPOCOM show for my E92 335, but come to find out they sent me E92 M3. The hood is an inch to long. Paid about $800 for the hood and another $600 for shipping. Paid another $300 to have it painted.

Selling the hood for $1000
I think your price may be a little high. Shipping should not have costed 600. You also have to keep in mind that the paint lowers your market especially for guys that want the carbon look and since only alpine owners can buy it now (without painting it). I don't really know of any other reason to buy a OEM style carbon hood for this car especially since it is probably around the same weight if not heavier than the OEM hood. Is the fitment off because the hood was not shut all the way or because it is a inch to long? If my eyes are decieving me and this is accually 1x1 CF and the fitment is not off when mounted to the M I would consider spending 700 for it.

By the way, does this include those CF vents?

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