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aussie dyno numbers with procede

looking for people who have actually dyno'd their cars with a procede v4

please post up your results.

i dyno'd mine stock and it made 183rwkw on a dyno dynamics in 4th gear
dyno'd it again with the afe twin intake box and procede v4 on map 1, it made 215rwkw

interesting thing is it made 215 first run, then 205 after that.
fuel curve was changing on every run.

i think a little bit of that is heatsoak, but also have a feeling my hpfp is on its way out.
after the dyno i got the engine error - reduced power code on the screen and 320i power. turned the car off and on and it went back to normal.

from what ive read, power should be around 230 after the procede so im wondering why mine is down on power