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from bartman32:
I was talking to him about getting the dealer install iPod option and he said to wait! I said I know I'd rather have the USB port but my car didn't come with it. He said that he knew some people were working on a retro-fit option for the older cars and thought that it would be out in the next few month!

Now I have absolutely NO reason to believe him especially with all I have read here but maybe....
Like a dream come true. Or a fantasy that never will. The words I'd love to hear after my dealer wouldn't let me delay my production to get the 6FL without pushing me back to possibly July for E93, then BMW holding the car so I get mine around the same time as LEDZEP gets his WITH 6FL.

Anyway, it seems hard to believe that a parts guy would be privy to such information unless he knows someone high up/deep in BMW. My CA didn't have the E93 price until 3 days after I had it to the dollar from e90post.

JSpira, any connections (a la "Deep Throat") that you could ask about this???

I'd gladly wait a few months for a 6FL set up; it seems that it should only involve some poking around below the center console; it doesn't sound like the radio head unit is different. Switching the control box in the trunk is also easy (if needed); I saw my radio box on my E46 when I swapped out the assist for bluetooth.

Just caught the end of an ESPN story that I think was at the NY auto show showcasing a Ford with USB ipod functionality coming out in the fall. They demonstrated voice activation; they said a song name and it played.
Will 6FL work with voice commands or did Ford 1-up BMW?? BTW, no mention of the fact that BMW was the first to ipod integrate of what they have available now.
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