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Originally Posted by ********* View Post
Well first before you buy a new module.....I should have mentioned this before.

You should check the connections to your TCU. I doubt the harness behind the
HU is has a locking lever. TCU is located under the trunk floor, right behind the back seats. If you have folding seats, you can fold them down and go in through the back seats....the floor can be lifted up.

Remove and reseat all the connections and see if that does anything.

That SOS error is usually caused by an incompatible phone. Phones not on the BMW approved list are known to cause the SOS malfunction. Although, I have an iPhone 3GS (approved) and it gives me the error. I'm jailbroken/unlocked on 4.1 but am using the AT&T network. My BT tool also pulls a code related to bluetooth.
I'll try to find it and see if anything is loose. You're suggesting simply disconnecting/reconnecting everything? Will that cause any other trouble?

I'd love for it to be a "hardware" issue like that, but I'm skeptical since the bluetooth has worked again since the first time it froze. I'd think if something physically came unplugged, it'd just stop and that's it.

Regarding the phone - both of mine are approved by BMW, but I agree, 99% of the times the problem occurs, it's when I start the car with the phone's bluetooth already activated. If I let it fully load before turning the phone's bluetooth on, I usually avoid the SOS freeze.