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Considering custom exhaust for my 335d

I saw this thread about an upcoming magnaflow system for the 335i. I like the sound (I know it'll sound completely different on a 335d) and the use of one muffler. Someone also pointed out that the muffler used maybe be a magnaflow 14468 ($13x). I've also looked a numerous setups on the 335d and 535d on youtube and they all sound great, even ones on straight pipe!

I'm debating on rather to get a setup similar to the magnaflow exhaust shown in that thread, or go with dual mufflers... I also have 3.8" tips from cyba with brushed finished w/ angled cut.

I'm also debating on how I should have the tips installed, I can have them straight out and have it angled, or lower it and have it pointed slightly upwards and have the angled cut aligned with the bumper. Right now, I'm leaning towards the pointed tip setup because I think that'll look very nice with a single muffler setup.

What do you guys think?

Some clips from youtube:

Stock 335d (US-spec)

335d with custom exhaust:


535d with custom exhaust:

535d with a BBK exhuast:

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