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Unfortunately, I found a new issue with my v25.xx update. I am assuming at this point I have v25.02. While taking the wife into our favorite Belgian bar Philly (Eulogy), I setup the nav to get us there using the already existing entry in my address book. I added this entry to my address book before (pre-v25 updgrade) by finding it in POI. We head out and I notice that it wants to take a different exit than I expected. I ignore the suggestion and it recalc to a different exit again than I was expecting. I pull back the map and the destination location looks wrong. I started to second guess myself that I knew where the bar was. I take the exit and head to the nav destination and of course, it is wrong. I check the address book entry and there was no "house number" in the entry. Meaning that it just took me the street but no specific address. I checked the other address book entries. All of the ones that I added from POI before lost their street numbers. I have no idea what happened here but it was consistant. Anyone else?