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Originally Posted by NFS13 View Post
Easily bested? The tune puts it on par with the 'is' and I am not sure what Shiv is talking about when he says in statement #2 "the N55 with 7DCT" There is no such animal that I know of. And you also forget to mention the overboost the 'is' has. And you also fail to mention that Shiv also states that you shouldn't look for anymore output due to the single turbo. So I would think that the 'is' with the N54 is a more attractive car if extra HP is your thing!
On par?? I am not sure you understand the difference between 293 WHP with 343 WHEEL TQ with your 7 second overboost function on a stock IS and 340 WHP with 375 TQ on a tuned N55. The moment the IS is tuned the overboost function is lost as it is a bunch a crap and is replaced by the same exact TQ numbers a tuned n54 would get.

BTW, 'N55 w 7 DCT" is a 2011 135i. Simple research is key... lol