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Originally Posted by Smokey View Post
I think the problem is that you're comparing a tuned N55 335i to a stock iS. Are you saying the iS can't be tuned? A tuned iS will still retain its advantage.
It's worthy every penny to me. But, I do agree with you though, it's not for everybody.
While PROcede currently runs lower boost numbers for the N55, a PROcede tuned N54 335i will have the EXACT same numbers as a PROcede tuned 335iS. iS gets the benefit of extra cooling which would be helpful in keeping it going for longer, but does not offer any power advantage. They are both running the N54, and the PROcede will arrive at the same peak boost for each.

Originally Posted by NFS13 View Post
10whp? Didn't you mention more in your first post? its 27 + overboost C'mon man, if you are going to take the anti-is side at least be consistant.
Overboost doesn't do anything for a tuned 335iS. Not being anti-iS here, but it's a fact that a PROcede runs far higher boost than even the overboost function. So activating it wouldn't change power/torque at all.

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