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Originally Posted by Unleash The Beast View Post
There are so many reasons to get a 328i over a 335i, so don't even start with the "you should have gotten a 335." OP knows why he got a 328i over a 335i.

Some reasons:
1) No HPFP problems
2) Reliable
3) Lower cost by about $5k
4) Higher MPG
5) lower insurance

Edit: Just saw you have a 328xi yourself, so why are you telling the guy he should have gotten a 355i?????

All he wants is modding recommendations.
Before you get your pants all wound up (may be too late), I was actually responding to the guy that told him to go with an aftermarket exhaust so that it "sounds" like a real BMW.

I am more than happy with the power on my 328xi which is why I chose not to spend more money on a 335 but to spend a grand or more on an aftermarket exhaust just for the sound would be money not well spent imo, but again...that's just me.
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