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here is my opinion, if it helps. to me its simple. xi isnt for me, since drivetrain loss will take some of performance edge off the car (though it might be safer). and to me, performance ranks first in a car.

I'd rather NOT get the car yet, save about few more thousand (it looks like you might be able to, since you are able to get still a very expensive car so few thou can be saved in time) and get a M3 SEDAN. M3 coupe to me is meaningless 5-8k more for a same car...

thats for me, since contemplating IS means you want more performance and performance is maximized in M3. since you had to shell out a lot of money anyways, why not a bit more (seems your family is well off so why not) and get a M3. My personal choice, if I had money like you and was contemplating...

lastly, if I could only have two choices? (xi or is) OF COURSE THE IS.