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Originally Posted by bmwvirgin View Post
Picked up my 6FL cable at lunch as well. I think Led's "caveman" statement sums it up. it's SOOOO easy to use.

One interesting CA said there was a meeting trying to figure out who was going ot pay for it (within BMW)....sales dept, parts depts, BMWNA. They (dealer) are annoyed that it's not part of the package. The retail for the cable is $50!!!! For a ~$400 option, u'd think it's be all in.

If there is any confusion, PLEASE read my thread here:

The cable is part of the package for which we paid $400. The delivery method is not the brightest, but we paid for it. Once the communication system moves like a glacier down to the dealerships, the CA should be pre-ordering the part for new vehicles so you have it at delivery. The customer is NOT to be charged for it.

I hope you didn't pay them extra for the cable!

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