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Originally Posted by NFS13 View Post
Another one who doesn't read the posts! My discussion never brought up a tuned 'is' at any point. My point was stock 'is' against tuned N55 and not forgetting the overboost numbers when comparing the two. It keeps it alot closer. And yes, of course the overboost goes away when tuned.
Mate, I wasn't even responding to your posts. Please stop being so bigheaded. THIS was what I was replying to:

Originally Posted by Smokey View Post
I think the problem is that you're comparing a tuned N55 335i to a stock iS. Are you saying the iS can't be tuned? A tuned iS will still retain its advantage.
I just explained why a tuned iS does not retain a horsepower/torque advantage over a stock N54. That's it. Just facts. I didn't say ANYTHING about the iS being overpriced or shit or whatever everyone else is saying here.

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