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Originally Posted by brentseay View Post
Well it's not really an extreme. It's a few bolts and some lifting. I'd say an hour tops. Spend that time before/after a race and you're back to natural. I think that hour would be worth it. Not really any modification going on. No need for extremes like cages and race seats.

First of all, don't take this the wrong way. But if you are racing? Take the seats out, bolt a cage in. Don't mess with safety equipment when it comes to real racing.

If by "racing" you mean a night at the strip? You'll need to remove SIGNIFICANT weight, like in the 200+ range, to see any significant changes in time. So in my opinion, it's an hour of work wasted for very little to no gain.

If by "racing" you mean a weekend at a DE? I'd have to question the return on investment again. Would having 50 lbs less in the back REALLY make your driving that much better or allow you to chase down that E30 325i driven by the chief instructor? If not, I'd rather spend that hour in getting OTHER area of the car prepped correctly, like getting the tires and brakes sorted out, tire pressure set, and rebound/compression set to a baseline, plus running the track mentally through my head. Again, any of the above listed items will go a longer way than removing 50-100 lbs worth of stuff from the car.

If by "racing" you mean a RedLine Time Trial type competition, then again, you are better off just removing it and leaving it out.

Just my not so humble opinion.
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