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-= 100% OEM M3 Cluster Retrofit =-

I have been very jealous of how the M3 cluster looks like comparing to my boring, orange 335i cluster. Not anymore

I finished the M3 cluster retrofit in my car today and I must say I am extremely happy. Not only the cluster itself looks great but it matches the CIC backlight,
so when you look from a distance you can see how good they look together.

My car is a US spec 335i, but I live in Poland so I changed to the Euro spec cluster.

The M3 cluster is coded for my car spec, so the content of the display in the middle is a bit different than in the M3.
The redline position changes with the oil temperature. When the engine is cold the redline starts at around 5,500 rpm. When it's warmed up it looks like on the below picture (around 7,000 rpm).

335i stock:

M3 cluster in my 335i:

335i stock vs M3:

M3 cluster close-up:

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