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Originally Posted by idnan View Post
Very interesting thread. I've noticed a large amount if white smoke from mine as well. I'm still under warranty for another year but the car has done 64k. I've noticed mine is also shaking very slightly on idle even when warm

Did you have any other symptoms?
You have to ascertain what the smoke actually is. In this cold weather most cars are smoking more just due to condensation etc. One thing you can do is get hold of a mirror or piece of glass and hold it to one of the exhaust pipes whilst it's smoking. If the droplets on the mirror are just water then you should be ok. If there is an oily residue, then your engine is burning a little oil from somewhere.

The N54 engine never idles completely calmly. If all you are experiencing is a slightly nervous idle, but there are no other problems or performance decrease and you aren't consuming significant quantities of oil, then your car is fine.

It is all too easy to start worrying about things which don't exist. This forum is fantastic for providing some useful information (not all of it is useful however!) but at the same time it can serve to scare people into thinking something is wrong when it isn't.